Nic has a wide range of experience in the field, from the snowy mountains of Austria to the bush in Africa to vast deserts of the Middle East. He operates a wide range of cameras and is fully up-to-spec in the 4K world owning his own Sony Fs7 for documentary work and co-owning a Phantom Flex 4K system in South Africa. He is also a phantom certified technician.

Cineflex Operator

Nic has over 1000 operating hours on the Cineflex V14 system. He worked in some the roughest terrains for any gimbal system during two seasons of the Gulf’s infamous falcon hunting shows, Al Galayel. He has also filmed various prestigious horse racing tournaments as well as camel racing in Qatar.

Off / Online Editor

I have online edited over 80 hours of programming. Final Cut Studio, Final Cut X and Adobe Creative Suite are my choice of platforms to edit visuals that emphasise the story. I have also been Head of Technical Operations for two companies, during which time I had to set-up 15 edit suites in the middle of the Qatar/Saudi desert, as well as on a wooden dhow (old Arabian boat) in the middle of the Arabian Gulf. Post-Production workflows are my forté and there hasn’t been a situation that could challenge me.


I have coloured over 80 hours of programming for international broadcasters. I have been using Da Vinci Resolve for over 5 years and can operate it blindly. Colouring is the final touch to any production and it gives me great to joy to create moods and looks, which suite the taste of the scenes.

Nic is a very willing worker and always enthusiastic, whatever the filming conditions. He is a good team member but can also be trusted to work on his own and produce excellent results. He has a very good understanding of the technical side of television production and is well organised and creative.

Mark StricksonHead of ITV Edinburgh

Where Nic sets himself apart from the other ‚do it all’ers‘ is that, In fact, he can! Nic has taken the time to actually ‚master‘ the many skills that he possesses. He is a top class cameraman, a skilled editor and a detail obsessed on-liner.  Beyond the skills that Nic has mastered, it is the refreshing approach that he brings to productions that set him apart. Creativity and originality are front and centre of everything he produces and his desire to challenge the boundaries can’t help but take a production to another level.

Ben HardingDirector

Nic is a a long time friend and colleague who I have had the pleasure of working with for the last 5 years. Nic and I worked together in the Middle East and Nic is a excellent camera operator and master of all trades. He is very talented and shows the utmost degree of professionalism on set.

Lyndon BrandtField Sound Recordist